Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Getting Cooler

Well I was off about thinking the MINI E won't let the batteries drop below 70 degrees when plugged in, charging or not. This morning they were 63 and on my drive to work did not get above 67. It did not cause any problems, in fact, I got the best range ever on my way into work today - 19 miles with 106 left.

I've also notice the car is charging faster on the 110 in the cool weather, I'm sure because the battery fan is not going as strongly.

So far cool is good...freezing is still a ways off, I hope.


  1. That's a great range Chris. I have never seen that high a range on mime yet. While I've driven further than that, the range indicator has never said that I could. When I've been at 100% charged, I think the highest range indicated was 108. Never after driving 20 miles though. Also, I'm glad your charging has been going better now that's it's cooler outside.

  2. When I start off in the morning at 100% it usually lists me at 112 or even 115mls range. I'm sure if I started doing more highway miles like you I'd be lower. Yeah!! Charge Anxiety is now over ;)