Wednesday, October 28, 2009

To Hell With Range - I'm Gonna Drive!!!

Why am I so happy? It is because I finally got the wall box charger, no more sipping from the 110. With my commute I've always had to be home at a certain hour and drive the car a certain way so there was enough time and % left so as to get a full charge on that 110 by morning. Well no more of that wimpy stuff, I'm gonna drive MINI E #402 like it was meant to be driven. Pedal to the floor, li-ions screaming "back off, for the love of God, baaaack off!". Not me people, I'm going to enjoy this EV ride now that I know I can burn through the batt pack and recharge in a matter of hours. This EV is now an EXTREME VEHICLE

Northern part of NJ fear my electrons!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Second East Coast MINI E Meet Up, Charge Up And Chow Down - Nov 8

The Second East Coast MINI E meet up is November 8th at Nauna's. For those that were there the last time you may remember that shrimp dish was well worth the cost of entry into a MINI E, well almost ;) but that dish sure was awesome!! Plenty of reserved parking just for MINI Ers.

All Pioneers welcome - please RSVP to Tom at tom.moloughney at gmail dot com (at=@ and dot=.)

Date: Sunday, November 8, 2009
Time: 1:00pm - 3:00pm
Location: Nauna's Bella Casa
Street: 148 Valley Road
City/Town: Montclair, NJ 07042

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Looking For 220 Charge Points in NJ

Hello all MINI Ers in NJ or PA. Next week, Oct 28th, I will be doing another green car event in Malvern PA. I will be coming from Mendham NJ which means I might or might not make it there on one charge, depending on weather, and I won't make it back. So I'm looking for charge points along the way with a 220.

I figure if I could charge 1 to 2 times each way I'll be more than safe, my route will take me along the Delaware river and I'll cross just north of Philly and head to Malvern or I'll go along 206 south toward Princeton then I'll cut over and head west to Malvern, depending on where I find charge points. Preferably I'd like a full charge before heading over into PA since Malvern and back to the NJ border could be 60 or more miles round trip depending on where I charge up. I'd need to get to my final destination by 11am so I'd start out early AM and I'd be heading home around 3pm - charging along the way where I could and as needed.

Ken has kindly offered me the use of his wall box which is in South Jersey but I'll be running on e-fumes by then and if it is cold I will not make it to his place. Anyone reading this is welcome to join me at the event if they have an electric car, MINI E or not and whether you charged me up or not. You would be Comverge's guest (my company). We plan on having a real V2G car there - the eBox. It is a private event with about 300 people.

Any offers/suggestions please post here or email me directly at cwneff at gmail dot com (at=@ and dot=. remove spaces)


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Frost Warning Or Range Warning?

(frost warning in mid Oct - terrific)

Well I had my first taste of winter today in NJ. We had some snow and I got the frost warning on the MINI E dash - now that's cold for mid Oct. It actually got down to 35F during the day.

So what is the worry you is range or lack of it. Today on my 40 mile round trip commute I ended up with just under 80 miles of range and that was with the heat at low. I had the heat on with lights going to work and on the way home heat, lights and wipers. I avoided highways to maximise distance. I arrived home with 36 miles left and 40% capacity - ouch!! During late summer I was usually at 75 to 80 miles left with 70% or higher. I was unable to keep resetting the recirc button because the windows just fogged up instantly so I was forced to let the cold air flow in forcing me to turn the heat up and use more energy. MINI/BMW, hear my plea - do NOT take control away of the recirc button from the driver in your next EV - not to mention reaching for it to turn it back on every 2 mins could be considered a safety issue.

What the shortage of range means is I'm ok with my commute, once the wall box arrives, but that is it. I won't be able to take regional business trips, go to Newark airport much less NYC without arranging a charge somewhere along the line. Is this a MINI E This is an EV issue that manufacturers will be challenged to address for us snow belt peeps. The heater absolutely draws a large amount of may not look that bad when the car is sitting but once you begin to drive you are adding load and that is when you see your energy fly out the window so to speak. So the frost warning icon is really a range warning icon.

Snow belters with MINI Es you know what I mean. Still love the car and do look forward to improvements in the technology.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Getting Cold

This morning it was 42F so I think over night we may have gone below 40F. In an earlier post I asked the question as to whether the MINI E will allow its batteries to go below 40F because this would cause recharging to stop as well as regen braking. I'm happy to report the batteries stayed at 50F even when the car was not charging. Does keeping the pack at 50F use any juice while sitting I'm not sure, I'm sure I'll notice that once we get down to 5F or less.

I did get a temp warning light that lasted a second or so and that was it. What is turning out to be an issue is using the heater, it is sucking the juice. Today after a 40 mile drive I was down to 58 miles and I only used the heat half of that drive. Now if I had the wall charger this would not be a serious issue for commuting, traveling over 100 miles yes, but for commuting no. Since I'm still on the 110 this quick depletion of the batteries is becoming a concern.

I predict that once I need to use the heat continuously the car will need to sit home half the week as I won't have enough hours in the day to catch up. I do have a back up car but it does not even like the rain so I'm kinda screwed. Thanks New Jersey for making EV implementation so painful. Here we have a car that is paving the way for the future with a company investing time and money, with the drivers, into this technology - an you dump all over it.

For those not aware, it is NJ bureaucracy that is preventing the rest of us from getting the wall box. Of course where would NJ be without corruption, ignorance and self centered thinking.

Friday, October 9, 2009

The Coolest Thing About The MINI E Is.......

The coolest thing about the MINI E is the fact it does not look like an EV. Think about it, there are very few EVs or alternative fuel vehicles coming in the future that look like your every day car, they look like concepts or prototypes - like the EV-1 did. The MINI E is a MINI Cooper and drives like one too, sure people don't even know it is an EV, some get close by calling it a hybrid but that is part of the charm.

I for one love the idea that it looks like a regular just needs some subtle EV badging and we have a winner.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

At The Car Wash...Yeah!

Today in one of the local towns a small church was giving a free car wash, yes free! How could I resist, #402 needed a bath. I did ask one of the organisers why a free car wash and was told they were raising money for some room renovations inside.....hmmmm I thought, free car wash, raising money, what's missing. She continued by telling me I was free to leave a donation, well of course I would and I did.

What was fun about this particular wash is it was being done by a group of kids and they just loved the MINI. They were gushing all over it, I waited until #402 was well lathered up and then dropped the bomb...hey kids you know what else is cool about this car, it's all electric! They went nuts, it was really cool to share their excitement. Heard a few say, I want one, I want one....well kids one day you might just get one.

#402 got towel dried, I got into the drivers seat feeling good about the world, turned #402 on and got the hour glass, for at least 2 minutes, no worries, it is still way cool.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Those MINI/BMW Engineers Are Drivers

Let me thank the engineers behind the MINI E for keeping it a drivers car. The MINI Cooper is a slot car and the MINI E is not that far off. Yes, it is heavier and if you really flog it you can feel that battery mass get a tad top heavy and want to come up front to see what all the excitement is about, but you really have to push it to get there. It still has that quick steering and razor sharp handling, but, one other item that might not be noticed when the brake lights pop on when regeneration kicks in. The brake lights only come on when you are really getting into a hard regen, not just when regen starts or during a coast regen as I call it (not really slowing down). Therefore, you can regen down a hill casually and not look like a clod who rides his brakes all the way down a hill or worse, up a hill. Yes, I do believe the engineers thought about that one.

Of course the brake light comes one under hard regenning but only then.

Thank you MINI/BMW engineers for not making me look like a clod while regen braking.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Easing Into Winter

The other day I decided to drive with the heat on for my entire commute to work. It was in the 50s so I set the fan to 1 and turned on the heat to 2 clicks. I also had the head lights on as it was foggy. Yes my range dropped, about 10%, after the 20 miles I had 90 left, I'm usually around 100 left. My % was at 83% while I'm normally at 88% to 90%.

On my return I had the wipers and lights on as it was raining, no heat, plus drove a little harder. The MINI E is fun in the rain. When all was said and done I did around 41 miles that day and had 63 miles left on the range indicator and 62% on the capacity, about 1% for 1 mile. Since I'm on the 110 I will fall behind during the week, with the wall box installed it won't be an issue for my commute, now if I want to take a 100 mile biz trip again that might be a real challenge.

Stay tuned.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

110 Shuffle With No Highways

Yesterday I had to take a longer trip than I was used to in the MINI E. 100 miles round trip and near the end I knew I would need lights and heater. I was heading to a business meeting in Englewood Cliffs NJ, start point was Mendham NJ.

The day before my trip I could feel the anxiety setting in, I need a plan. I'd stay off the main highways, stick to 46 and stay off of 80 to extend range and while at my series of meetings I'd plug in the car where I could, to get a little extra boost.

On my first leg of the trip, about 48 miles I was doing pretty well, the computer said I had 70 left to go. I was feeling pretty confident at that point and one of the buildings where my meetings where held was kind enough to let me plug in for about an hr and I got a 4% boost. This was 4% after the 3 to 4 times I plugged in as the buildings I was meeting in were separated so I had to drive back and forth between them interrupting my charging - I left the cable at the one building and plugged in there when I could.

So now I am reading to head back home, the distance meter on the MINI E said 77 miles....of course I had to give one "thank you" ride to the building maintenance guy who let me plug in...that ride took the 4% he gave me ;)

On my way back I figured I'd jump on the highway to see how it goes, after 3 miles I could see I was going to eat up a lot of juice and I wanted have plenty left for heat and lights and anything else that comes my way...being in NJ a lot of things can come your way unpredictably on the roads.

I jumped off 80 and got onto 46, range ticked up a bit and I was moving along. Thanks to phantom NJ road signs I ended up on some other branch of 46, that cost me 10 miles and 15 mins before I got back on track. Now it was getting dark, I switched on the lights, range said 34 miles and I had about 25 to go...hmmmmmm. I will say it is interesting how adjusting speed and resting the battery at lights can play with the range indicator, in your favor I might add, but having a 10 mile buffer in Joisey is not the most appealing.

So I decided to pull off 46 and hit smaller roads, that did increase my range. Now I'm getting close to home, about 12 miles to go, range says 21 and I'm starting to crave heat as it was 58 degrees outside plus I was heading to a section of road that eats EV battery capacity for lunch. No EV soldier hold off until you are close enough to coast home, I thought to myself. Well, when I got to with in 10 miles I put the heat on, settings were 1 for fan and the way, very toasting. I think the heat index of setting 1 is pretty good, seems stronger than a gas car. Of course in the blink of an eye my range went from 19 to 16 but it then held for the next 8 miles and I actually pulled into my driveway with around 17 mile left and 17% at 99.3 miles total, there is long slow section followed by a good downhill before my house that usually gets me 3 to 4 miles back.

In conclusion, I probably would have made it without the boost on the 110, but it would have been close, I have not gone past 0% as others have so I do not know if I could have gone farther. Granted I really don't want to be down to crumbs becasue if I run out of juice on the roads where I live I could be there a very very long time before I'm found. ;) In the heart of winter I expect range to really drop as I will be forced to keep the heat going all the time and I will be taking this business trip again.....stay tuned.

PS - I'm still on the 110, so over half a day later I'm just at 70%, 110 does take awhile to get back to 100% when near 0%. Added, just got my electric bill with an actual read, wow, as in high. I think the 110 is not efficient as it is a long continuous 12 amps. I'll have details on this later after I speak with the utility.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

You Want My EV To Sound Like WHAT??

Ok people, this may come off as a rant or the beginning of a flame war, so be it....flame on!! But I will not accept this garbage about putting audio systems on EVs so they sound like gas cars. I'm sure you have all read the articles about how EVs are too quiet and a danger to the public....baloney. I'm sure more pedestrians will be taken out by bicyclists or rad skateboarders then EV hits. Didn't parents tell these pedestrians to look both ways before crossing the street? People still cross the street even if they hear a car....maybe pedestrians would be more cautious if they weren't sure if they heard a car or not...hmmm, there's a thought.

I for one enjoy the quietness of the MINI E. It is really soothing and there is something to be said for noise pollution, we have way too much of it. Wouldn't it be something if all cars were as quiet as EVs, don't you think that people would notice and hear a 3000lb EV coming down the road then?? It is amazing what you hear when it is quiet.

So where is the logic in making an EV sound like it has straight pipes or the engine is revving or what NISSAN says it will do with the LEAF, make it sound like the flying machine from Blade Runner.

Maybe I'll have my EV sound like the Good Humor Truck or Sammy Hagar's "I Can't Drive 55" or better yet "The Flight of the Valkyries".

Monday, September 21, 2009

Easy Bake

So today was another cold one, low 50s. I had to use the heater so I set the dial to blow on my feet as my tootsies felt cold plus heat rises, right, so it will be more effective. Boy did I feel smart.....that sort of worked. I set the fan to mid level and heat to high. Warmed up nicely and capacity also lowered nicely. At one point in my commute, where I would be around 106 miles left, I was at 100. I was feeling a bit anxious (yes all in the head) and switched off the heat. After all #402 is still suckling from the 110, if I went below 60% capacity when I got home I would not have a full charge in the morning.

About half way through my commute I switched it back on as it was getting cold again, keep in mind the battery fans are sucking out that nice warm air and that recirculation button only stays on a few minutes, pain in the booty that one. I set the fan to minimum and the heat to one click for an easy bake while keeping it blowing on my feet. I was happy to discover I was comfortable and the drain on the battery was about the same as the AC which was acceptable.

On the next cold day I'll keep it on longer at minimal levels and see if that works out.

By the way.....finally getting a wall box....look forward to driving beyond shouting range because I love this car.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Heating Things Up

Today is the first day I used the heater in #402. It was a nice 55 degrees outside, rainy and foggy, perfect EV weather...not. I've been reluctant to try the heater as I've heard it would suck the life juice out of the pack at record speed, after all it is an electric heater and we all know how much energy they can use.

After a few miles of driving I was getting cold enough to cave and turn that puppy on. I set the dial to max heat and put the fan on about half speed. First thing I noticed was cold air, different from a gas engine that has been running awhile which produces instant heat. Not in the MINI E, it was cold for about 30 secs and after the heating coils heated up it blew warm. Once going it works really well in fact, the cabin warmed up fast and all was nice and toasty, things were good...mostly. I looked down at my range indicator and right before my eyes I lost 3 miles and this was while I was regenning down a hill. Wow!! That heater takes some power...I dialed back the fan speed to 1 and reduced the heat temp by half, that helped but I was still using more power then I was accustomed to, I would say more then even the AC. Of course I had driving lights and wipers on but still.

I eventually turned off the heater all together, gained some distance back but overall my range dropped by nearly 20% just in my 20 mile drive and I only used the heater for 10 minutes of my 40 min run. This is a lot of drain and we have not even touched on the freezing days where I will need to keep the heater on.

Have any pioneers driven with the heater on for extended periods of time and what have you observed?

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Almost T-Boned - Missed Me By That Much...

As luck would have it I was almost t-boned by a Ford Explorer today, and in my own town no less.

I had just left my bank's drive up window. I had a nice conversation with the drive up teller, she was commenting on how cute the car was and I informed her it was all electric. She thanked me for being a loyal customer and being green. Anyway, let me get back to the near carnage....I was heading west on Rt 24 and was about to make a left onto Tempe Wick (for those who know the area). I saw the Ford on Tempe Wick at the stop sign waiting to make his left onto West bound 24....yes, I have the right if way. So as I approached my left I kept my eye on that Ford, as this is a pretty hairy intersection, he did not move. I did not need to stop to make my left as the oncoming traffic was well away so I began to cut soon as I did the Ford shot out.

Now let me tell you, all I saw in my peripheral vision was that huge gaudy chrome grill, I had the window open and it was like that grill was about to comb my hair. My brain went into action, I cut a hard right back into the oncoming lane and then cut hard left back into Tempe Wick. All of this allowed the MINI to keep that grill out of my hair and slide its rear left butt cheek out of imminent danger of being trampled by that SUV. All happened in a split second but I recall waiting for that awful sound and jarring motion that comes from a bad hit. I did a hard stop and looked back to see what kind of fool was behind the wheel of that SUV. A pretty big one since he stopped in the middle of the intersection to digest what he just did. I yelled "are you crazy", he said something stupid like "you are ok" and then drove off into traffic not even looking - again!

Now I'm in a small town and I will see this guy again, maybe he is reading my post. Either way it was a 2007/2008 dark blue Ford Explorer, gaudy chrome package with a dark haired dork behind the wheel. MINI E #402 will have retribution.

Regardless of whether the MINI E is a MINI Cooper or EV it did save my booty. It reacted when I did and a more casual car would have been kissed by that Ford. The fact that this EV can handle makes zero emission driving that much more enjoyable and survivable. In addition electric motors have instant response, no downshift or engine rev. You press the accelerator and they go NOW....that also helped me out of a bad situation.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Cool Is Good - 120 Plus Miles

My MINI E loves the cool weather. When driving in the morning I am consistently at a range of over 120 miles according to the computer. My commute, one way, ranges from 17 to 21 miles depending on the route and the range computer usually lists 106 miles left. Today I did 17.4 and the range computer listed 108 left...pretty good considering I am driving it like a normal car, I actually accerlate.

I've also noticed my start range is increasing, this is what the computer displays after a full charge and the first drive of the day. This morning it said 117 miles and stayed at 117/116 for a good 5 miles.

Yes, cool is good, but what will freezing bring? I've noticed my battery has been as low as 59 degrees even when the MINI E was plugged in, though not charging, and it did not get above 63 after an 18 mile drive. Keep in mind our MINI Es are not supposed to recharge if the battery temp drops below 40 and we certainly won't be able to do any regen. Us Easterners get weather in the negatives so winter might not be the MINI Es best friend. It does not look like the battery pack tries to warm itself up, maybe it will in extreme cold but we will see.

Some tips I'd like to offer to MINI/BMW elite and other EV manufacturers out there.
> these batteries produce some decent heat when really used, such as highway driving, find a way to recycle that heat by pumping the warm air into the cabin. This will extend range during winter months as the driver will not have to use the electric heater as much.
> during winter months if the car is plugged in there should be a way to keep the battery pack at a good operating temperature (though this may be in there already I have not witnessed it yet)
> is there any air being pulled from outside the cabin to cool the batteries? I know the MINI E is not purpose built but it may help cool the batteries better if the cabin is still really hot which in the sun is common. Or add small solar panels to power a fan to vent the cabin.

Either way, EVs are the way to go. For commuting with smaller cars, perfect! As technology improves so will these cars.

Happy EVing

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Getting Cooler

Well I was off about thinking the MINI E won't let the batteries drop below 70 degrees when plugged in, charging or not. This morning they were 63 and on my drive to work did not get above 67. It did not cause any problems, in fact, I got the best range ever on my way into work today - 19 miles with 106 left.

I've also notice the car is charging faster on the 110 in the cool weather, I'm sure because the battery fan is not going as strongly.

So far cool is good...freezing is still a ways off, I hope.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Getting Cold

So it seems summer is struggling to hang around. It is 55 degrees right now and I know when the battery temp gets to 40 the MINI E will not recharge. I took a look at the batteries and they are at a cool 70 and recharging fine, in fact, since the weather is cooler and less humid I'm back to easy 110 charging.

This AM the weather was low 60s and the batteries never went above 71 while driving nor did they go below 70. I'm guessing the MINI E will try not to let the battery pack get below 70. I see it maintaining that minimum temp when I'm plugged in, charging or not. I wonder if unplugged and dormant will the batteries maintain that temp?

Anyone else notice lower temps on their MINI E battery pack?

Friday, August 28, 2009

Gas vs. EV Terminology

Just a we go

Gassing the accelerator vs. juicing it

Slamming on the brakes vs. full regeneration

Fill up vs. plug in

Starting up my car vs. turning it on

Full tank vs. full capacity

Idle the motor vs. rest the battery

Filling my gas car in a forest fire vs. charging my EV in the rain

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Charge Anxiety - The Return

So last night was a pretty good night for charging my MINI E, it was a cool and once the battery got down to 80 degrees I was good to go, no breakers popping. There is definitly a charge wall I have to break through while being on the 110 cable, here is what I've learned with #402.

> It does not like humidity, no doubt about it

> In the mornings when the battery temp is in the 70s I get my best range, did 18 miles and still had 108 showing on the dash this AM

> If the battery temp is above 80 when charging I am likely to get a breaker pop on the cable unless I open the windows all the way

> The cable pops the most when I'm just below 80%, once I get past that hump it is smoother sailing

> If the battery fan is going strong charging takes much longer

> Even with the 110 I can to the top off technique

> OBSERVATION: while sitting in the car, having charge anxiety, checking the %, LED blinking, I heard the breaker pop again, LED goes off and suddenly the battery fan goes into turbo mode for a split second and all is quiet, was that a surge, a cough or a gag...who knows

> OBSERVATION 2: sometimes the key will not roll down the windows when the car is having charging problems and the interior light will not go on when I open the door - related, maybe

So what is the return I refer to? Right, tonight, its popping again and it is a bit warmer, battery is at 82 degrees and I'm just below 80%. Charge anxiety is my companion.

The picture above was taken at Morristown MINI the other day, I was there to get a catch up charge. When I pulled up I saw Tom's #250 plugged in getting a charge after his service, well, all's fair in love and war and I needed some juice. Off to the side with ya #250!

MINI E awesomeness - still there

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Charge Anxiety

The other 'Pioneers' all know what range anxiety is, but charge anxiety? Well I've got it. I'm still on the 110 and my routine is to get plugged in before 7pm and I'll be at 100% by the time I need to leave for work in the AM. A nightly ritual that has worked pretty well....until now.

Ever since the muggy weather set into NJ it has been effecting the charging of my MINI E. The 110 cables yellow breaker box often pops, that means it sits for 10 or so minutes then tries again. It then pops a bit later, cycles to try again until it just gives up. Meanwhile I am getting very little to no charging. Sometimes this happens in the middle of the night and I wake up to just a 5% increase.

So while the MINI E is charging I look for that blinking LED on the MINI E battery indicator to make sure its blinking, if not I then check the yellow box on the cable to see what it is doing. Then I do my little dance of re-plugging the cable in if it does not cycle, then I run out to the car to see how much I got or didn't get. Then my brain starts spinning, wondering what is the most efficient route to take tomorrow since I'm low on juice and once I get to work then what, where can I plug in to keep my MINI E on the road? You get the picture.

I find myself constantly checking that MINI E LED, just like we glance at the range or % indicator when we drive. My Wife has pointed out I'm obsessed, so now I strategically clear the dirty dishes on the table because I know the walk to the kitchen will offer me a view of the LED. I clear a few at a time so I get multiple opportunities to glance at the LED....I find myself rechecking about every 15 to 30 mins....I call this CHARGE ANXIETY.

Fortunately the MINI E community is charitable. The dealer, Morristown MINI, has always let me come in and get back up to 100% whenever I needed to and other 'Pioneers' like Tom (#250) and John have offered their wall chargers when I need them. I've got a good cushion there, but I still feel the pull of that LED.

So got to run, time to check the LED.......CHARGE ANXIETY. Anyone else got it?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Busy MINI E Weekend And I'm Finally Noticed

(Private exotic car show in Far Hills, NJ)

This was one busy MINI E weekend. Saturday we had the Northeast gathering at Tom's restaurant and then today on Sunday I get an email from an old friend to join a rally beginning in Chatham NJ. Unfortunately I could not make the rally but I was able to meet everyone at the end point in Far of the members homes, a gorgeous home.

(The car to the right is an Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione, only 500 made. Dork pic I know, did not know what the car was until I looked it up later)

(A valets dream)

(Nothing like the sound of the old classics starting up)

(Getting #402 ready for a showing - would anyone notice?)

(A Closer look at my friends classic MINI - right hand drive)

This was no ordinary rally, this was a collection of car enthusiasts who own some very expensive exotics. Lamborghini's, Ferrari's, Porsche's, Aston Martins, Lotus, Jaguars, Alfa Romeos and Bentley's all there. These were cars I've seen driving around town on occasion but not all of them in one place at one time.

(It did not take long for #402 to draw a crowd - real auto enthusiasts that knew what #402 was)

I pulled #402 up next to my friends 60s MINI with right hand drive - talk about a contrast of the past and future. I popped the bonnet, plugged the cable into the charge socket to help show what this puppy is and a crowd grew. Mind you I was in the company of some truly amazing cars and the MINI E was a magnet - very cool. The crowd knew it was a MINI E, I guess being around auto enthusiasts helps, and they were quite knowledgeable of the car and we had some great conversation.

(Do you think the DMV gave this guy a hard time for applying for that plate?)

A lot of these exotics had some customization done to them, you would never know it until they start up. The Lambo with the '207 MPH' plate shook the ground and had some massive headers tucked underneath. But all good things do come to an end as it was time to go, I paid my respects to the hosts and began to pack up. As I was driving away I looked back for a quick glance of the cars left and noticed a group of 20 or so gathering in the main courtyard to say goodbye to the hosts. They all paused their conversations and looked up to see me quietly drive away, listening to the sound of silence - fantastic feeling.

Next time I'll be sure to make the driving part of the rally.

MINI E Northeast Gathering

(Looks like a MINI E dealer....hmmmmmm)

On August 22nd Tom, #250, was kind enough to arrange a gathering of MINI Es at his restaurant Nauna's Bella Casa in Montclair NJ. Good food, good talk and good fun!

(Paul (left) and myself, Paul is Mr. EV and V2G - Paul, that's a lot of MINI Es, what if we all plugged in at once ...)

It was a great turn out with about 9 drivers and a representative from MINI USA joining us. It was so good to see the faces of the drivers I've been chatting with via blogs and Facebook, for example, I got to meet the 'drag racer' in person ;) . You can find more info on the gathering at Tom's blog

I think all attended would agree that this is a program we are happy to be a part of, we love driving the MINI E and look forward to what BMW/MINI creates out of this field test. Thanks again Tom.

After the event I met up with some old friends that live in town. It was the first time they've seen a MINI E and of course I had to give some demo rides. This time I warned each one that the car is faster then they might think so be prepared....after the drive all 3 of them gathered among themselves to talk about how fast it really was and I was NOT kidding....I love that!

I also tried to charge up a bit at my friends house and as soon as I plugged in I got a Power Fault error on the yellow cable box, we tested the outlet with a vacuum cleaner and it worked, just not the cable for the MINI E. I guess that line did not have enough, it was an old house. No worries, I headed home around 10pm with no issues. I did 58 miles that day, with 3 aggressive demo drives and still had 54 left, use of headlights and rear defroster but no AC, acceptable range.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Charging Challenges

This is a follow up to my earlier post where I mentioned I was experiencing shorter range, due to heat and humidity, and real problems charging my car with the 110.

Well the humidity has relaxed a bit. It is still hot but my MINI E seems happier. My range is back, in fact, I should get around 123 miles according to the computer. I have not gone all the way to zero as I'm still on the 110 and I need the car daily.

As for my charging challenges this still goes on, however, I've been able to make it less painful. What was happening was the breaker on the 110 cable was popping every 15 or so minutes, especially if the batts were hot, 85 or higher. That batt fan would really blow and I'm sure #402 was asking for the full 12amps, 12amps the cable or my house was not willing to give up. I've also noticed charging does take longer, I'm sure due to the fan needing juice. As the night cooled with the batts I was usually able to leave the MINI E alone to charge, breaker free, but unfortunately it was not long enough to get a full charge by morning.....frustrating.

I tried another cable from the other cars we had, no difference, finally I just decided to open both windows all the way not just a crack, bugs were happy and there was improvement. The cable breaker popped but not as much and once the batts got to around 82 degrees I could close the windows and let the car continue sipping on the 110. Oh by the way - do remember to turn your vents to the open position, helps with cooling.

So what does this all mean, is my MINI E sick, no, am I having grid infrastructure issues, I think so. I'm guessing on these hot nights people in town still have home AC on which is creating increased demand on the grid, a time of normal quiet and when less power is produced. Probably there is 'dirty' power entering my house, uneven flow. It is just enough to cause the MINI E to gag a bit...theory yes, but not off base. I'm in a small historic town and like most of the small historic towns in North Jersey on a hot night the lights look a bit dimmer or flicker whether I have AC on or not. I have a 200amp line to the house but if there is not enough juice available it would not matter if I had double that. Imagine what could happen when the wall box is connected.

So this brings up a very good point. I've read statements from 'groups' about how there is plenty of energy around to power all the EVs the world can produce....really? What a pathetic and half ass statement. I agree there is enough energy, but, there is NOT an efficient way to deliver it to these cars yet. Think of the electric grid as our road system, or worse, our bridge infrastructure, load it up get the point.

If you have a number of EVs pulling 40amps or more simultaneously and continuously for hours while in close proximity to each other you have a real problem - the gird was not designed for it. EV manufactures will need to be aware of this and work with utilities to upgrade or implement techniques to manage that can be done...demand response is one of the technologies which requires little infrastructure upgrade, but that is for another post.

I love seeing bold statements from NISSAN on the LEAF and other future EV manufacturers about all the cars they will bring to our roads, that will be interesting.

BMW has a good head start, yes there have been some challenges with the wall boxes, but now BMW/MINI has a better idea of just how much it takes to set up a surface infrastructure, the other guys think they do. I look forward to more EVs on the road, I want an EV to drive after this field test, but I also look forward to keeping my lights on.

EV Thursday

Got a few cool EV related news links

Autobloggreen: Germany Setting Sights on One Million Electric Cars by 2020?

Autobloggreen: Second Edition Emart Ed Will go into Series Production in November

NY Times Wheels Blog: Electric Mini Zips Along After Early Speed Bumps

Saturday, August 15, 2009

MINI E Pizza Meet & Greet

Hey all NJers and NYers (any PAers?) with MINI Es

#250 Tom Moloughney is arranging a gathering at his restaurant in Montclair NJ August 22nd at 1pm. All MINI Ers are invited. There will be food.

1pm to 3pm August 22nd
Nauna's Bella Casa Restaurant
148 Valley Road
Montclair, NJ 07042


RSVP to Tom at -- tom dot moloughney at gmail dot com

Hope to see you there

Friday, August 14, 2009

Heat And Humidity - Not Just Icky For Us

The past few days we have had some hot and humid days in NJ. This is pretty typical for a NJ summer but it has been unusually cool and I have not yet seen how the MINI E handles uncomfortable days. I am not referring to rainy days, we have had plenty of those and the MINI E did fine.

I'm happy to report the AC works great - nice and cool. However, what I am noticing is a big decrease in my range, yes the AC takes some extra juice but not this much. I have used the AC before and not seen as much of a drain as I am on these days. So I tried to turn the AC off and sweat it out to see if my range would tick back up to what I was accustomed to. Besides the idea that MINI USA may not want the car back after my sweat it out AC experiment (bad thing - naaah) my range increased only slightly, I was still below the norm and it was definitely during these two hot and humid days, AC or not.

To make matters more challenging I am having extreme difficulty charging the MINI E with the 110 cable (I'm still on the 110). Whatever is going on it is effecting the charging. What is happening is the cable breaker pops every 15 minutes - maybe I get a little longer but not much. This has never happened before and it is definitely happening on these hot and humid nights - the time I do charge the MINI E. Could it be related to the humidity - maybe. Is the gold box water proof - I don't know, are the batteries water tight - I don't know.

FYI - I stopped by Openroad Morristown MINI for a catch up charge - they were happy to accommodate me and their coffee was pretty good too.

They are having a heat wave in the LA area but that is a dry heat and us New Englanders know humidity gets into everything.

So to wrap it up what about today - it was hot but not so humid. Guess what, my range was pretty good today, when I got home I plugged in to recharge, no problem. At around 8:30pm it began to get pretty muggy again and guess what else, yup you nailed it, the breaker on the cable began to pop. I don't think it is the cable.

I would like very much to now if any other Pioneers are seeing anything odd with their car during these humid days.

UPDATE: Observation, noticed a slight layer of moisture around the plug, both cable and car side, when it happened again during a muggy night. Today during the day I have no problems, yes it is hot, but not muggy.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

MINI ME Clubman EV - Not By BMW

Just came across Jack Rickard's work - he is converting an 09 MINI Clubman to full electric.

Apparently it has a back seat ;) Anyway do check it out, it is pretty cool and way to go Jack!

By the way - Jack also converted a 1957 Porsche 356 Speedster replica to full electric

Links below:
MINI ME Clubman
Porsche 356 Speedster

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ice Cream Sundae With MINI E Topping

Today the property management company of the building my company is in organized an ice cream social. They requested we bring our MINI Es to display. We were happy to do so.

(We drove #402 onto the entrance walk and struck a pose)

(This was followed by #484 and putting the Comverge sign on the #402 door)

(We soon moved them to under the overhang as a storm was rolling in. Paul, #484, had already gone through one hail storm and did not want to chance it - you could see the fear in his eyes)

(The people began to funnel out once they had their Sundaes - about 100 came. A good MINI E sighting day)

About 100 people came and were very interested in the MINI Es. We had some very good questions like, what is the range, life of batteries, what happens if you need to go further then 120 miles, how much does it cost to run, are they reliable, etc.

Everyone knew they were EVs, the announcement that they would be on sight did not hurt, it was nice to have good questions. Only one person asked "How many gallons does the tank hold?" We let that one slide ;) What was really surprising is people did not seem to know what kind of car this was - first time for me that they did not know it was a MINI Cooper right off the bat. One guy asked me if it was from China.

After the event I gave one demo ride to one of the organizers, and while we were heading down the other side of the parking lot I gave it a little juice. My passengers casual chat turned into a worried voice "OK, OK, that is fast!" Good way to end the day.

Chevy Volt Chargers

Autoblog just posted some info about the Chevy Volt chargers. Honestly I thought they would look a little less industrial and more user friendly. The MINI E chargers are certainly not for mainstream use but being a test program that is understandable, GM surprised me.

Click HERE to see the article

Monday, August 10, 2009

Phantom AC

Today is probably the hottest we have gotten this summer in NJ, and not so much heat hot but humid heat hot - that really bites. It seems the MINI E feels it too and I saw my battery temp go over 100 for the first time and it stayed there on my drive home - it hovered around 104 and dropped to 103 by the time I finished my 20 mile commute.

I used the driving lights, AC and radio on the way home and noticed a bit of a drain overall, maybe 10% more then usual, all in all not terrible, but when you are this in tune with a car you notice everything.

Now I'm trying to get the MINI E to charge - still have just the 110 remember - as soon as I plug it in the fan comes right on and loud. So I opened the windows a crack to see if that helped, nope. I closed up the car and a few seconds later I heard a hum from the engine bay, it sounded like the AC. I opened the car (hum stopped), got in, closed the door and did not insert the key. In a split second I heard that faint hum and felt cool air coming from the the MINI E cooling itself and how much recharge power is it taking to do that? Opened the door or rolled down window, hum stopped as did the cool air. First time I've noticed this.

Anyone else run across this?

Sunday, August 9, 2009

1,500 Mile Wrap Up

Tomorrow I hit 1,500 miles. #402 is my daily commuter car and I drive it just like any other car, sometimes harder. Below is sort of a wrap up of how I got into this program, what I do and if my experience is going well…so while you are reading don't forget to take advantage of the recharge time and plug in your MINI E if not already.

Here we go……

Why did I apply to lease this car?

Ø I’m in the energy business and I’ve been around some pretty cool EVs such as a modified eBox which is a true (V2G) Vehicle to Grid EV. After a ride in that car I was hooked. When I heard that MINI USA was leasing 500 electric MINIs to consumers I jumped at the chance. I applied on behalf of my company and we ended up getting 4, 3 for personal use and 1 for employees to share. #402, #438 and #484 are leased by employees, #365 is used by the company. June 15 these cars had a home.

What industry am I in?

Ø Energy management and demand response

Ø I’m in charge of corporate marketing

What other cars do I have or drove before the MINI E?

Ø 2006 Mercedes CLK – returned at lease end last month, #402 replaces it

Ø 2007 Mercedes ML320 CDI diesel – all mid size SUVs should be diesels, drive one of the new ones and you will agree, they are quiet, powerfull, efficient and they are clean

Ø 1990 Porsche 944s2 Cabriolet

How has adjusting to the MINI E been?

Ø Other then the lack of storage space and range it has not been as bad as I thought. Yes, I miss the CLK, it is a wonderful car, but I’m totally smitten with this MINI E. I look for excuses to run errands for my Wife just so I can drive it somewhere.

Have I had any unexpected surprises?

Ø Yes
o The day after taking delivery I was headed to a car show in Jersey City. While waiting at a traffic light the car just turned off, I don’t mean going into neutral, it turned off. The battery indicator swung to zero and the warning beep sounded – no power, dead. I tried to restart by pressing the start/stop, no luck. Finally did a Windows and pulled the key out for a full shut down then went through the process of starting again, success. A real mystery and has not happened since.

o That same day the 110 cable died, which was a bit of a problem since I was hoping to recharge at the car show as I was low on juice and had miles to go. I called MINI E roadside, they offered to tow me, but I declined and said I was going for it. Well, I was returning from the show I could see clearly I was not going to make it, my first experience of severe range anxiety, to make it worse I had a co-worker with me, so two of us would be stranded. I called ahead to the dealer and said clear the 50amp I’m coming in. They took me, recharged me, made a few calls to MINI USA and gave me another cars cable. I was off and all is good in EV land again.

o I still do not have the wall box, I’ve been 110ing it. Fortunately my round trip commute is just short enough so that if I plug in by 7pm I’ll have a full charge when I leave by 8am the next day. Currently I’m in discussions with the installation company as I needed an upgrade and during the inspection I received a verbal estimate. When I finally got the actual estimate it was way more….this is not holding up the wall box install as all our cars are still waiting for wall box install dates. But as I mentioned earlier, right now, I’m surviving with the 110.

o I thought I’d be getting better range right away, it has taken a lot of practice to get where I am today which is around 120, but that is a real stretch. Not sure how the EPA pegged this car at 150 but that is in a dimension I have not had the pleasure of visiting.

So what do I like about the MINI E?

Ø Where do I start, I love it. The silky delivery of power is intoxicating and the standard great handling of a MINI Cooper does not hurt either. The car accelerates like no combustion engine can, if you are cruising along at 30 or so and some dork comes along side or tailgates to play you simply punch it. There is no delay, no revving of the motor, no downshifting, no loud roar or straining sounds coming from the engine bay, you just go and any car nut knows that is simply amazing.

Ø I actually like the sound of the electric motor, I don’t miss the throaty exhaust of my old car. Today, when I hop into what is considered an ultra smooth gas car it feels rough to me.

Do I have any suggestions for improvement on the MINI E or EVs in general?

Ø Sure do but not for the MINI E as this is a ‘mule’ so to speak

o Put a battery charge indicator on the car that can be seen, would be nice to see the % of battery power without having to start it up. Nissan has the right idea by sending a signal to an iPhone. However, not everyone has one of those, no really its true, better bet is to integrate with the home/utility using ZigBee so you can see % of charge and cost to you in real time on your network.

o Give us a choice if we want to use regen braking or not. The eBox has a lever on the dash that adjusts the regen intensity, full regen to no regen. I live in the ‘snow belt’ and I for one am not looking forward to training myself on how to drive a car that wants to brake no matter what in snow.

o Make the connector for the charging cable more user friendly. It should be a cartridge type slot system with an LED that tells you a good connection is made.

o Liquid cool the batteries, our planet is getting hotter so EVs will need to keep pace so as not to overheat.

o Please be more realistic with the range. I’m sure it is up to the EPA to produce a better formula, just like the recent change for combustion engines, with more logged real miles they will have to.

o Bring the price down, these are still too expensive, even the ones coming. The Nissan LEAF sounds reasonable until you realize that batteries are not included…that’s right, you lease the batteries separately. I want to be green but I also want green in the bank and I do not feel comfortable spending $40k or more for what is basically a commuter car as cool as it is.

What do I think about EVs for the future?

Ø The technology is here to stay, I really believe that. I have the luxury of working with utilities so I hear all the talk about these cars which is finally being taken seriously. Without the support of the utilities to support an infastructure, these cars won’t make it.

Ø These cars are perfect for commuters, 100 miles is more then enough, as long as you can recharge in under a few hours it is a non issue. With current battery technology I can’t see these cars being a families only car…but that will change…later.

Ø Besides the fact that these cars produce no emissions (coal fired power plants are far more efficient overall then cars burning gasoline or diesel) they also reduce noise pollution and another wonderful byproduct, heat pollution. Yes, the batteries get hot but nothing like an engine or the heat from the exhaust…anyone who has been in a traffic jam knows exactly what I’m talking about.

Ø As a driver we will certainly need to make adjustments, but it is for the good of our planet, not a big deal and well worth the effort. Just like anything else it will soon become a habit.


Ø It has been 1,500 miles of fun and I look forward to the rest of the year whirring around knowing I really am doing my part.

Thanks for reading


Saturday, August 8, 2009

MINI E Has Shown Me The Miles

Before getting the MINI E I just drove around, not giving much thought to how much distance I actually traveled in a week or even a day. With the MINI E range is constantly on ones mind, you find yourself scanning the % left or miles left indicator at all times and then at the end of your trip you mentally record how far you went and how much further you can go on that charge. We all do it.

One item that has come to my attention is just how far I travel in NJ. For example, today I did 74 miles. Where in the heck did I do 74 miles I thought. Well, work is 40 round trip, then I often do some errands or visits and any town from my town is 10 miles away - that's 20 round trip in the blink of an eye. Just me going to Kings is 6 miles round trip, 6 miles!! Insanity if you think about it. Before you know it you are nearing the end of your comfort MINI E range....but it brings up an interesting point....we travel a lot and I'm sure North NJ is not unique. Once in suburbia you are going to put on the miles. Imagine if we had real public transportation like other countries, that would cut down on the CO2, but that's for another field test.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Oh Deer - EV Road Kill

I love the silence of the MINI E, just one serious drawback and it is because of where I live, deer! They don't recognize the hum of me coming. Deer do what they want most of the time but they hear and recognize car engines and at times will pause until you pass, but with this MINI E, I'm sure they hear it, but they have no idea what it is and sounds like no they just walk on out.

I find this with birds and other animals as well....people, especially on bicycles, wander out in front of you even if you are driving a Mack truck so I don't include them on my list.

Monday, August 3, 2009

MINI E Sighting And A Flood!

So over the weekend I had the opportunity to meet a fellow Pioneer Tom who has MINI E #250. We talked about the program and offered tips and driving styles, I also was able to see how the wall charger works. I'm still dreaming of mine which IS coming soon I'm happy to report.

Of course we were able to get some photos of the reunited pair of MINI Es and as luck would have it both of the cars, when starting after the pictures were taken, experienced the hour glass. Could the two cars be telling us it the swine? So we chuckled, sat a minute, and then we were both off to our respected destinations.

To add to the fun it happened to be another typical rainy day in NJ, except this one had torrential rains and you can see by the following pictures it was serious. As I approached the water a MINI voice went off inside my head reminding me to avoid puddles, this was a tad larger, so I backed off. After two attempts with side roads I finally found a clear route and made it home safely. By the way, just like everyone else the Pig paid no attention to my MINI E #402

Friday, July 31, 2009

Handwriting Recognition For The Car

This is not MINI E related but I had to post this...I find this totally insane. Handwriting recognition for the next-gen Audi A8 interface....come on people!!!! Has it not been shown txting while driving is more dangerous than drinking under the influence, can you imagine people trying to write, even one letter, while driving?

Please keep this as a science project for the safety of us all - link here AUTOBLOG

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Does Edmunds Know What They've Got?

I know the team at Edmunds know how to review a car, I'm a daily reader of the site, but from the initial postings on the long term blog I'm not sure they understand what the MINI E is. For certain they did not read the owners manual, in their defense, who does? They were not aware the brake lights come on under hard regen...they blew circuits in a house because they used an extension chord, big no no, and they trucked the car 62 miles to a test area.....ummmm, you will make the 62, a bit of a stretch yes, but grab a bite to eat or sleep on it while recharging then drive the 62 miles back. We've all been there ;)

This is the type of stuff that could give EVs, any EV, a bad start. Anyway, good to see it in the hands of Edmunds and in the long term fleet which will be a serious test. I heard their wall box is coming which will make the longer drives less tense.

Click here to go to the Edmunds long term review

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

MINI E And The Hail Stones

No, this is not a new 'one hit wonder' but a follow up to one of our MINI Es in severe weather. I've got a couple pics from MINI E driver #484 MAGICCman whose MINI E was protecting the asphalt from falling hail. MINI E took a few hits that left a mark, but is still charging on....oh yes that pun was definitely intended.

(MINI E #484 taking it good - notice the guy across the street going for the Darwin award)

(that left a mark)

Monday, July 27, 2009

All Hail MINI E

Most have read about the chatter on the MINI E fender benders saying MINI Es are more susceptible to rear end accidents due to the nature of the regeneration braking. This is something I do not agree on...but this is not the point of my on.

Sunday night in parts of NJ we had severe storms, some with giant sized hail. Well, as luck would have it, those hail stones found MINI E #484. #484 suffered some dimple marks on the roof and that was about it...can't say that for the Lexus that was trying to hide under a tree, ouch.

Let's call this one a love tap from Mother Nature.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

EVs Produce Less CO2 Overall - Mini Study

Most of us have heard the argument that EVs really aren't any cleaner then their gas counterparts becasue it is a coal-fired power plant they get their juice from...and those belch CO2.

While the argument rages on here is another study showing EVs are a cleaner drive overall when it comes to CO2.

Sure you can argue about the toxins in the batteries, how much energy it took to make them, etc...but we are only talking about the actual drive here.

Check out the mini study at DVICE

Friday, July 24, 2009

1000 Clean Miles

Finally crossed the 1,000 mark and my range seems to be improving. According to the computer I should be able to do 115 miles, drove 42 with 73 left...not bad.

Happily EVing