Monday, May 31, 2010

I'm baaaack.....well, for 1 week anyway.

Yes, I'm back for the week. So where did I go? The company I was with that had 4 MINI Es cancelled the program in November of last year and cancelled a number of us, I had #402. No biggie, I quickly ended up back in the technology and software industry I know which is going well, I'm the marketing dude for WebCollage. However, I sure missed the MINI E.

Good news, Tom of #250, is loaning me his for the week while he is away. Most of you I'm sure have heard of Tom, whether in the press or at his East Coast gatherings one of the most impressive points is he has over 30,000 miles on his #250 in just a year. He is almost at 32,000 and I plan on getting him over that mark in short order.

I drive #250 this morning and...WOW...have I missed these cars. Being a Mini Cooper this car is fun but being 100% electric puts it a whole other level us awesomeness.

I look forward to driving #250 this week, in fact I'm heading out for another spin right now. Thanks Tom!!!

#250 getting ready for another spin then will get its first charge at my place

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