Wednesday, October 28, 2009

To Hell With Range - I'm Gonna Drive!!!

Why am I so happy? It is because I finally got the wall box charger, no more sipping from the 110. With my commute I've always had to be home at a certain hour and drive the car a certain way so there was enough time and % left so as to get a full charge on that 110 by morning. Well no more of that wimpy stuff, I'm gonna drive MINI E #402 like it was meant to be driven. Pedal to the floor, li-ions screaming "back off, for the love of God, baaaack off!". Not me people, I'm going to enjoy this EV ride now that I know I can burn through the batt pack and recharge in a matter of hours. This EV is now an EXTREME VEHICLE

Northern part of NJ fear my electrons!


  1. Right on Chris! Now the fun begins. :)

  2. Sad so much of the test time had to be spent limping along. Drop that pedal!