Sunday, October 4, 2009

At The Car Wash...Yeah!

Today in one of the local towns a small church was giving a free car wash, yes free! How could I resist, #402 needed a bath. I did ask one of the organisers why a free car wash and was told they were raising money for some room renovations inside.....hmmmm I thought, free car wash, raising money, what's missing. She continued by telling me I was free to leave a donation, well of course I would and I did.

What was fun about this particular wash is it was being done by a group of kids and they just loved the MINI. They were gushing all over it, I waited until #402 was well lathered up and then dropped the bomb...hey kids you know what else is cool about this car, it's all electric! They went nuts, it was really cool to share their excitement. Heard a few say, I want one, I want one....well kids one day you might just get one.

#402 got towel dried, I got into the drivers seat feeling good about the world, turned #402 on and got the hour glass, for at least 2 minutes, no worries, it is still way cool.

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