Monday, October 12, 2009

Getting Cold

This morning it was 42F so I think over night we may have gone below 40F. In an earlier post I asked the question as to whether the MINI E will allow its batteries to go below 40F because this would cause recharging to stop as well as regen braking. I'm happy to report the batteries stayed at 50F even when the car was not charging. Does keeping the pack at 50F use any juice while sitting I'm not sure, I'm sure I'll notice that once we get down to 5F or less.

I did get a temp warning light that lasted a second or so and that was it. What is turning out to be an issue is using the heater, it is sucking the juice. Today after a 40 mile drive I was down to 58 miles and I only used the heat half of that drive. Now if I had the wall charger this would not be a serious issue for commuting, traveling over 100 miles yes, but for commuting no. Since I'm still on the 110 this quick depletion of the batteries is becoming a concern.

I predict that once I need to use the heat continuously the car will need to sit home half the week as I won't have enough hours in the day to catch up. I do have a back up car but it does not even like the rain so I'm kinda screwed. Thanks New Jersey for making EV implementation so painful. Here we have a car that is paving the way for the future with a company investing time and money, with the drivers, into this technology - an you dump all over it.

For those not aware, it is NJ bureaucracy that is preventing the rest of us from getting the wall box. Of course where would NJ be without corruption, ignorance and self centered thinking.


  1. How exactly is NJ holding up the box?

  2. What we have heard is that NJ will not approve the wall boxes with the current UL stickers. Right now both the box and cable have UL stickers, tested seperately, but NJ wants a UL sticker for both the box and cable tested together. Just NJ has these issues and only recently did they make a stink about it - why now, who knows. There is nothing fancy about the box, it is really just a big breaker, NJ could work it out but that does not seem to be happening.