Thursday, October 22, 2009

Looking For 220 Charge Points in NJ

Hello all MINI Ers in NJ or PA. Next week, Oct 28th, I will be doing another green car event in Malvern PA. I will be coming from Mendham NJ which means I might or might not make it there on one charge, depending on weather, and I won't make it back. So I'm looking for charge points along the way with a 220.

I figure if I could charge 1 to 2 times each way I'll be more than safe, my route will take me along the Delaware river and I'll cross just north of Philly and head to Malvern or I'll go along 206 south toward Princeton then I'll cut over and head west to Malvern, depending on where I find charge points. Preferably I'd like a full charge before heading over into PA since Malvern and back to the NJ border could be 60 or more miles round trip depending on where I charge up. I'd need to get to my final destination by 11am so I'd start out early AM and I'd be heading home around 3pm - charging along the way where I could and as needed.

Ken has kindly offered me the use of his wall box which is in South Jersey but I'll be running on e-fumes by then and if it is cold I will not make it to his place. Anyone reading this is welcome to join me at the event if they have an electric car, MINI E or not and whether you charged me up or not. You would be Comverge's guest (my company). We plan on having a real V2G car there - the eBox. It is a private event with about 300 people.

Any offers/suggestions please post here or email me directly at cwneff at gmail dot com (at=@ and dot=. remove spaces)



  1. Chris, Try contacting Jim (#458). I think he's somewhere between Mendham and Ken's house so you might be able to stop there and then at Ken's.

  2. Thanks Tom - hoping Jim reads this ;) I was able to arrange a stop at Princeton MINI but always like to have more to count on.

  3. Yeah Chris, Don #364 showed me the Mini E forums on Facebook, I left you a note there. I'm also on the charge sharing site:

    We have the 50 amp box. I'll email you directly.

    I drive the Delaware river to work most days.

  4. Chris,
    I drive to that area of the main line regularly, but I do it on the weekends and get a slow 110v charge up while I'm there. I take route 202 which is the most direct, then drop down on 611 and take the PA Turnpike. the PA turnpike really kills my range as 65 seems to be the minimum speed, I'm thinking of switching to just driving 202 all the way and saving about 10 miles.
    Would be great if there was a place for fast charges in that area, or anywhere along 202.
    If they have something like this on a weekend let me know and I'll be there.

  5. Thanks Jim I'll reach out to you directly.

    Thanks Robert, similar plan I was thinking of, I'm going to stay off the highways and hope for the best. The place I'm going to will let me plug in so I hope to get a few miles of buffer. But from Princeton it is 55 miles one way to Malvern, if it is cold I'm going to least I've got some good options now with Princeton MINI, Jim and Ken...great network out there