Monday, June 22, 2009

Going The Distance

Since switching to percentage mode on the dash computer I'm feeling much more relaxed and I think I'm doing much better on my distance. Before I had the computer readout set to 'miles left' which freaked me out, the view of miles ticking away was not a confidence builder.

The percentage readout seems to sync (no pun intended) with my brain much better.

I would say early on I was getting around 100mpc (miles per charge), now I am getting 115mpc or more.

Today driving to work, an 18 mile trip, used up only 11% of the battery pack from a 100% charge. My commute varries from rolling country roads to stop and go city to highway. On my way home I stopped by to show the car to a friend. We did multiple serious pedal to the floor acceleration runs and that used just 4%. I arrived home to see the % readout at 68% after a total of 38.6 miles. The 'miles left' readout was at 70....I found this quite good especially since I was really showing what this puppy could do with a friend.

I just have 260 miles on the car but potential distance seems to be improving over time.

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