Friday, June 26, 2009

Latest Distance Report

As I mentioned in an earlier post I really got on the little MINI E today. Drove it pretty hard and had a lot of fun. Decent to heavy acceleration with equally strong regen braking into turns, etc.

I was pleasantly surprised to see I did not kill my battery and the distance I traveled and energy I used to do it was decent. I took these pics as soon as I got home, it is not bad.

Anyone else seeing similar results?


  1. I'm not --- I'm running closer to 96 / 1000 mi than your 59... Any secrets?

  2. When I accelerate I do it steadily (3 power bars) until I approach the speed limit (35mph to 45mph) then back off to 2 bars once I have momentum, I then focus on keeping it at 2 bars as long as I can. I have many hills in my area so keeping momentum is important, coasting down the hills with little regeneration so as not to force you to accelerate to get up the following hill seems more effective. One other thing I do is wait until the last minute to slow down before a light or traffic so I get full regeneration going as long as possible.

    I'm driving the MINI E like my diesel SUV and it seems to be working...earlier I was milking it and found my range to be less.

    If your range improves let me know - good luck.