Monday, June 29, 2009

Serious Recognition Then Bliss

Today I got some serious recognition, at a MINI dealer, but still real and a regular citizen. I had to stop by Morristown Mini to get my plates, I parked and as I got out this guy ran up to me and said "Is that what I think it is, you actually got one?" He was talking on the cell and continued by saying his friends and him have been talking all about this car and never saw one, then he spoke on his phone and said "Man you will never guess what I'm standing next to". We went over a few of the specs and how it drives then I asked him if he wanted a closer look...he paused and said he was fine just walking around it. Which he proceeded to do all the while describing the car to his friend on the phone. Now I thought this was pretty darn cool.

So on the way home I celebrated by taking the long way home, a drive through Lewis Morris and Jockey Hollow park, and let me tell you this was bliss. I've driven 100s of times through this park but in an EV it makes for a whole new experience, you hear all of nature, and nature does not run away when you approach (watch those deer). Not to mention a number of the walkers noticed me silently passing by and that!!

Tomorrow is a new day.

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