Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Mini Es Have Arrived!!

It has been a week since I took my Mini E home, the evening of June 15 2009, marks the time when my idea of 'dino driving' changed.

(Me in front of #402)
It all began months ago when one of my co-workers mentioned to me that MiniUSA was introducing full EVs to American roads. If you wanted one you had to fill out an online application and hope you bubbled to the top of the other 1,000s already filled out. I was a bit late to the party as this began almost a year ago but heard MiniUSA was still accepting apps. I had high hopes, after all, my company is in the energy management business so these cars would be a perfect match.

Let me tell you, that online application was quite a job, long and tricky. Not to mention Mini tossed in a virus like trick...wonder how many bailed on that one.

I also put the word out to my industry contacts to see if there was a contact in MiniUSA I could speak to so as to plead our case - no luck. So I waited. Weeks later I get an email from Mini asking me some questions about who I am and the company I work for. Later a phone call and the rest is history.

My company, Comverge, took delivery of 4 Mini Es June 15, 2009, #365, #402, #438 and #484. One is for corporate use and the others will be used by three employees as personal vehicles during the 1 year trial period, #402 is My Mini E.

(Richard, Me, John, Paul picking up the 4)

Was it a difficult decision to switch to a Mini E as my main car -we are paying for it ourselves - heck no!! As an avid car buff and tech guy it was a dream come true, imagine being part of a field test, where a select few get to drive a prototype vehicle that screams the future. I've also had experience with EVs as my company occasionally demonstrates the eBox, a V2G car, around the country so this was a no brainer -my drive home from the dealer confirmed this - what a driving experience.

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  1. Hey, I totally agree! Filling out an online application is surprisingly more energy-draining compared to filling out a physical form. But in any case, it was a great change in your driving life. And a milestone as well, since you’re one of the first few people who’ve had the privilege to own an electric vehicle. Accept my late greetings, ‘congratulations!’