Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hiding In Shame

Today I drove my dino sipper, reason being I needed to stop at the local Babies R Us and pick up some major supplies and it has a trunk. I have always loved this car but I find myself not missing it as much as I thought I would - its an MB CLK and I have it for one more month. I'm really taking a liking to the MINI E so this goes to show EVs have a place on US roads, at least for me.

Anyway, I live in a small NJ turn of around 5,000, there are already 2 MINI Es in town. Mine #402 and a co-workers #438, based on population we are overrun with MINI Es. I was on a small back road and what do I see but another MINI E coming the other way...I waved excitingly like I just came across my twin bother separated at birth and then realised, crap, I'm in a dino burner. I looked straight ahead in shame.

The local dealer in Morristown told me they were delivering 60 plus MINI Es in the area so I was sure to see more, Morristown also got one. I did not expect to see it in my neck of the rabbits these Es are. I hope next time I see one I'm in my MINI E.

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  1. Consider joining us at NEMINI - the local MINI club. We're always putting together various MINI meets - it would be great to hear from more MINI-E's...