Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Cool MINI E Blog Links - Update

I made some changes to my 'Cool MINI E Blogs' links by adding the number of your car before the name of your blog...I will still try and maintain the name of your blog, after all you thought up the name so it is important. If I got any of them wrong please don't slap me too hard, I bruise easy.

I listed your blog because I found your material interesting as I'm looking for others that are excited about their MINI E and the idea of just having an electric car. This is cool stuff!

Yes, I've read the negative comments about the CARB credits and cars being given to groups or organizations at very low rates...well that does not bug me...fact is we all got into this program because we are passionate about driving an EV and being environmentally concious. So here we are, lets enjoy it and learn from and educate others the value and cleaner future EVs could bring to our world. We have 1 year to make history!

Thanks and happy MINI Eving.

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