Monday, July 6, 2009

Easy Does It

I've got almost 500 miles on the car (now - not when the pic was taken) and wanted to share a new number with other MINI E readers, my energy consumption or how much energy I use to go 100 miles is getting better. My understanding is if you can keep it under 60Ah/100mls you are doing great, my first week with the car I was at 61Ah/100mls

I drive normally with a little aggression sometimes, but, I am very focused on maintaining momentum.

Anyone out there in a similar range?


  1. Hi There....whenever I check my ah/mls it's consistently 70/100. Perhaps that's due to mostly highway miles of late at a higher rate of speed 72-75mph or so.

  2. Hi T&K,

    I think you are right. I've got country roads I commute on and rarely get above 45mph and I've got lots of opportunity for a full regen. I think this makes all the difference.

    Today my miles left said 122 when I began this AM at a 100% charge - though I have NOT tried to do the full run to empty...still a bit nervous on that until I get the charge box installed ;)

  3. Oh my, I must b a terribly fast driver.

    I am at 95ah/100 miles.

    Mostly freeway miles.

    Peder #183

  4. I've been trying to accelerate slowly and to never go above 50mph. Have never gotten below 70 ah/100 even with lots of recharging. How are you doing it, cnef? Do you play radio? Use any AC?


  5. I find that getting up to speed in a normal fashion works best - I do not baby it while accelerating but once I'm at speed I am very careful to maintain that speed - I maintain momentum. I have had wipers and lights on with little effect to the battery life. Windows open or closed seem to make little difference. No AC or radio yet - radio is just front speakers, anyone else notice this? When it gets hot enough I will use AC and I bet I will have new numbers to post.

    I do regeneration braking often, and I mean a full regen like 45mph to 0, on my commute that is maybe 5 to 8 times in 22 miles and that really helps.