Thursday, July 30, 2009

Does Edmunds Know What They've Got?

I know the team at Edmunds know how to review a car, I'm a daily reader of the site, but from the initial postings on the long term blog I'm not sure they understand what the MINI E is. For certain they did not read the owners manual, in their defense, who does? They were not aware the brake lights come on under hard regen...they blew circuits in a house because they used an extension chord, big no no, and they trucked the car 62 miles to a test area.....ummmm, you will make the 62, a bit of a stretch yes, but grab a bite to eat or sleep on it while recharging then drive the 62 miles back. We've all been there ;)

This is the type of stuff that could give EVs, any EV, a bad start. Anyway, good to see it in the hands of Edmunds and in the long term fleet which will be a serious test. I heard their wall box is coming which will make the longer drives less tense.

Click here to go to the Edmunds long term review

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