Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Now This Is What I'm Talkin' About - Range And No Ticket

(In front of Opportunity Green event in NYC - #402 is with me)

I attended the Opportunity Green event in NYC today, met a few MINI E 'Pioneers' and some MINI USA peeps. All in all a cool event and was fun to park #402 on the street and have people come by to talk to us about the car. I was impressed with how many people knew it was a MINI E.
(safe and sound - parking permit)

Opportunity Green arranged with the city to allow some of us to park on Broadway...well I showed up early and parked as directed. I was taking a walk to the other end of the block, could not have been more then 3 mins, when I turned around to see an officer giving me a ticket. I ran over to plead my case expecting him to ignore me...instead he paused to listen and the host of the event also ran out saying she would be right back with the parking permits. The officer was a nice guy and did not push back, he stayed a little while and let me talk about the car...whew!
(Taken as soon as I got home)

What I'm most excited about is the range I got today. For some time I've done short 40 mile runs and the computer told me I could do over 100 but I never pushed it. Today I pushed a little harder. I did 72.8 miles from a 99% charge and I had 36 miles left! 50% of my drive was highway and I'm talking Route 280 and the Turnpike in NJ (60-65mph)...not inviting for any car. I tried the A/C a bit once in the city and was using head lights all the way on my return trip, plus I had a passenger both ways.

I was really pleased. Go Go MINI E


  1. Hi, I'd like to trade your #402 for my #486! I go 87 miles round trip to work and get home with just 4 mls left (today was 4; the range has been 3-8 over 5 trips). And I am on the GSP going between 60-75 (many people pass me). And just to make sure I feel some range anxiety, it tells me when I have 14 miles left (and 10 of them on the GSP), that I have 8 mls left... Is this weird software or what?

    Tim, #486, Maplewood

  2. Hi Tim, yeah it can be interesting some of these readings. Here is what I noticed...highway burns up those miles, once off and slowing to below 35 miles increase...could be because the computer figures you won't burn as much going slower and it is right. Drop to 25 and you will see an even bigger increase. When I go through Morristown traffic I actually pick up miles...when was the last time you looked for traffic to go further ;)

  3. It was a fun night and I loved seeing all those MINI Es parked in one spot. The event was cool but the temperature upstairs was anything but. I met some interesting people, though. I'm glad I asked about the MINI pins. They forgot to give me one when I signed in.

    The only thing I wish they would do at these things is issue name tags. I would like to have known who everyone else was.

    I hope they do another event out on Long Island so the Pioneers out there can drive to it. Manhattan is just a bit out of my range.

    -Stu, #277

  4. Funny about those pins Stu. I arrived early and met up with Karen a very nice lady and our hostess, and she said she had a special gift and she showed me the pin. Then she walked away with it...I followed and she showed me again then walked away ;) No worries, I got that pin, no way I was not going to ;)

    One of the MINI USA peeps told me you were there, though in the mix it was hard to find the MINI E 'Pioneers' and what a mix it was.