Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Second Sighting Of A U.M.E.

It was just the other day, I was in Madison NJ on Main St sitting at the light and spotted another MINI E. It was crossing Main St, coming from Central Ave and heading toward Green Ave. I'm pretty sure it was not one of my companies so I'll tag this as my second sighting of a U.M.E. (unidentified MINI E)


  1. If it was yesterday afternoon around 1p, that was me. I was returning to SO after picking up my plates at the dealership. You are talking about down the same street as the Mini dealership, so you can't be too surprised to be seeing us driving around. We all just had to go there to pick up our plates. But chalk that one up to #269.

    I am jealous, I have not seen anyone yet.

  2. Could have been me I take that route every day to and from work. #304, also could have been a co-worker who also has a MINI E

  3. It was around 5pm on the week day, in the center of Madison, the car was heading North in the direction of the train station. I was too far away to catch the number. I tried to catch up but once I got around the corner it was gone and I could not HEAR which direction it was going ;)

    Sometimes I commute home this way and finish up on Tempe Wick in Mendham so I will definitely be keeping an eye out.