Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Charge Anxiety - The Return

So last night was a pretty good night for charging my MINI E, it was a cool and once the battery got down to 80 degrees I was good to go, no breakers popping. There is definitly a charge wall I have to break through while being on the 110 cable, here is what I've learned with #402.

> It does not like humidity, no doubt about it

> In the mornings when the battery temp is in the 70s I get my best range, did 18 miles and still had 108 showing on the dash this AM

> If the battery temp is above 80 when charging I am likely to get a breaker pop on the cable unless I open the windows all the way

> The cable pops the most when I'm just below 80%, once I get past that hump it is smoother sailing

> If the battery fan is going strong charging takes much longer

> Even with the 110 I can to the top off technique

> OBSERVATION: while sitting in the car, having charge anxiety, checking the %, LED blinking, I heard the breaker pop again, LED goes off and suddenly the battery fan goes into turbo mode for a split second and all is quiet, was that a surge, a cough or a gag...who knows

> OBSERVATION 2: sometimes the key will not roll down the windows when the car is having charging problems and the interior light will not go on when I open the door - related, maybe

So what is the return I refer to? Right, tonight, its popping again and it is a bit warmer, battery is at 82 degrees and I'm just below 80%. Charge anxiety is my companion.

The picture above was taken at Morristown MINI the other day, I was there to get a catch up charge. When I pulled up I saw Tom's #250 plugged in getting a charge after his service, well, all's fair in love and war and I needed some juice. Off to the side with ya #250!

MINI E awesomeness - still there

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