Saturday, August 8, 2009

MINI E Has Shown Me The Miles

Before getting the MINI E I just drove around, not giving much thought to how much distance I actually traveled in a week or even a day. With the MINI E range is constantly on ones mind, you find yourself scanning the % left or miles left indicator at all times and then at the end of your trip you mentally record how far you went and how much further you can go on that charge. We all do it.

One item that has come to my attention is just how far I travel in NJ. For example, today I did 74 miles. Where in the heck did I do 74 miles I thought. Well, work is 40 round trip, then I often do some errands or visits and any town from my town is 10 miles away - that's 20 round trip in the blink of an eye. Just me going to Kings is 6 miles round trip, 6 miles!! Insanity if you think about it. Before you know it you are nearing the end of your comfort MINI E range....but it brings up an interesting point....we travel a lot and I'm sure North NJ is not unique. Once in suburbia you are going to put on the miles. Imagine if we had real public transportation like other countries, that would cut down on the CO2, but that's for another field test.

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