Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ice Cream Sundae With MINI E Topping

Today the property management company of the building my company is in organized an ice cream social. They requested we bring our MINI Es to display. We were happy to do so.

(We drove #402 onto the entrance walk and struck a pose)

(This was followed by #484 and putting the Comverge sign on the #402 door)

(We soon moved them to under the overhang as a storm was rolling in. Paul, #484, had already gone through one hail storm and did not want to chance it - you could see the fear in his eyes)

(The people began to funnel out once they had their Sundaes - about 100 came. A good MINI E sighting day)

About 100 people came and were very interested in the MINI Es. We had some very good questions like, what is the range, life of batteries, what happens if you need to go further then 120 miles, how much does it cost to run, are they reliable, etc.

Everyone knew they were EVs, the announcement that they would be on sight did not hurt, it was nice to have good questions. Only one person asked "How many gallons does the tank hold?" We let that one slide ;) What was really surprising is people did not seem to know what kind of car this was - first time for me that they did not know it was a MINI Cooper right off the bat. One guy asked me if it was from China.

After the event I gave one demo ride to one of the organizers, and while we were heading down the other side of the parking lot I gave it a little juice. My passengers casual chat turned into a worried voice "OK, OK, that is fast!" Good way to end the day.

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