Friday, August 14, 2009

Heat And Humidity - Not Just Icky For Us

The past few days we have had some hot and humid days in NJ. This is pretty typical for a NJ summer but it has been unusually cool and I have not yet seen how the MINI E handles uncomfortable days. I am not referring to rainy days, we have had plenty of those and the MINI E did fine.

I'm happy to report the AC works great - nice and cool. However, what I am noticing is a big decrease in my range, yes the AC takes some extra juice but not this much. I have used the AC before and not seen as much of a drain as I am on these days. So I tried to turn the AC off and sweat it out to see if my range would tick back up to what I was accustomed to. Besides the idea that MINI USA may not want the car back after my sweat it out AC experiment (bad thing - naaah) my range increased only slightly, I was still below the norm and it was definitely during these two hot and humid days, AC or not.

To make matters more challenging I am having extreme difficulty charging the MINI E with the 110 cable (I'm still on the 110). Whatever is going on it is effecting the charging. What is happening is the cable breaker pops every 15 minutes - maybe I get a little longer but not much. This has never happened before and it is definitely happening on these hot and humid nights - the time I do charge the MINI E. Could it be related to the humidity - maybe. Is the gold box water proof - I don't know, are the batteries water tight - I don't know.

FYI - I stopped by Openroad Morristown MINI for a catch up charge - they were happy to accommodate me and their coffee was pretty good too.

They are having a heat wave in the LA area but that is a dry heat and us New Englanders know humidity gets into everything.

So to wrap it up what about today - it was hot but not so humid. Guess what, my range was pretty good today, when I got home I plugged in to recharge, no problem. At around 8:30pm it began to get pretty muggy again and guess what else, yup you nailed it, the breaker on the cable began to pop. I don't think it is the cable.

I would like very much to now if any other Pioneers are seeing anything odd with their car during these humid days.

UPDATE: Observation, noticed a slight layer of moisture around the plug, both cable and car side, when it happened again during a muggy night. Today during the day I have no problems, yes it is hot, but not muggy.


  1. No problems for #269 in S.Orange. I charge in my garage which stays pretty cool and dont really drive around mid-day. It sits in a garage in Manhattan during the crazy times. Maybe I will do an experiment this weekend. It is supposed to be hot again

  2. Thanks Michael, I'm ok today, it is hot but not muggy. By the way there will be a small MINI E gathering in Montclair Aug 22nd 1pm. Hope you or anyone else that reads this can make it. I will post details today.

    #250, Tom, is arranging it at his restaurant.