Sunday, August 23, 2009

MINI E Northeast Gathering

(Looks like a MINI E dealer....hmmmmmm)

On August 22nd Tom, #250, was kind enough to arrange a gathering of MINI Es at his restaurant Nauna's Bella Casa in Montclair NJ. Good food, good talk and good fun!

(Paul (left) and myself, Paul is Mr. EV and V2G - Paul, that's a lot of MINI Es, what if we all plugged in at once ...)

It was a great turn out with about 9 drivers and a representative from MINI USA joining us. It was so good to see the faces of the drivers I've been chatting with via blogs and Facebook, for example, I got to meet the 'drag racer' in person ;) . You can find more info on the gathering at Tom's blog

I think all attended would agree that this is a program we are happy to be a part of, we love driving the MINI E and look forward to what BMW/MINI creates out of this field test. Thanks again Tom.

After the event I met up with some old friends that live in town. It was the first time they've seen a MINI E and of course I had to give some demo rides. This time I warned each one that the car is faster then they might think so be prepared....after the drive all 3 of them gathered among themselves to talk about how fast it really was and I was NOT kidding....I love that!

I also tried to charge up a bit at my friends house and as soon as I plugged in I got a Power Fault error on the yellow cable box, we tested the outlet with a vacuum cleaner and it worked, just not the cable for the MINI E. I guess that line did not have enough, it was an old house. No worries, I headed home around 10pm with no issues. I did 58 miles that day, with 3 aggressive demo drives and still had 54 left, use of headlights and rear defroster but no AC, acceptable range.

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  1. Thanks for coming Chris! It was great to talk to you and some of the other "pioneers" and neat to see all the cars lined up in front of the restaurant. I'm planning on doing it again in a couple months, hopefully we'll get even more participants