Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Oh Deer - EV Road Kill

I love the silence of the MINI E, just one serious drawback and it is because of where I live, deer! They don't recognize the hum of me coming. Deer do what they want most of the time but they hear and recognize car engines and at times will pause until you pass, but with this MINI E, I'm sure they hear it, but they have no idea what it is and sounds like no threat...so they just walk on out.

I find this with birds and other animals as well....people, especially on bicycles, wander out in front of you even if you are driving a Mack truck so I don't include them on my list.


  1. Back in my motorcycling days, I installed a pair of "deer whistles" on my bike. Can't say for sure if they worked because I never had any close calls. A quick google search reveals they still make them, e.g.


    There also seem to be high-tech version that actually generate the sound rather than relying on wind:


  2. It is "Mack" truck. Mac is the computer.

    I have noticed that deer seem to take special notice when I rapidly decelerate upon seeing them. The high pitched whine might be more noticeable to them. Maybe I imagine it.

    Do you slow down when you see deer?

  3. Yes - Mack - thanks

    When I see the deer I do slow down, they seem to just stare, not sure what it is making that sound.