Monday, August 3, 2009

MINI E Sighting And A Flood!

So over the weekend I had the opportunity to meet a fellow Pioneer Tom who has MINI E #250. We talked about the program and offered tips and driving styles, I also was able to see how the wall charger works. I'm still dreaming of mine which IS coming soon I'm happy to report.

Of course we were able to get some photos of the reunited pair of MINI Es and as luck would have it both of the cars, when starting after the pictures were taken, experienced the hour glass. Could the two cars be telling us it the swine? So we chuckled, sat a minute, and then we were both off to our respected destinations.

To add to the fun it happened to be another typical rainy day in NJ, except this one had torrential rains and you can see by the following pictures it was serious. As I approached the water a MINI voice went off inside my head reminding me to avoid puddles, this was a tad larger, so I backed off. After two attempts with side roads I finally found a clear route and made it home safely. By the way, just like everyone else the Pig paid no attention to my MINI E #402


  1. I would have gone through that puddle above (way to the right). I have been forced to go through larger ones than this in my approach to the Holland Tunnel over the last month. Go slow to minimize the splash and I haven't had a problem yet.

  2. Nope, I'm chicken...I know the road dips just further down so it would be around 5 inches and the water is moving pretty fast so I was worried it would splash up around the wheels. But I've seen those oceans in front of the Holland Tunnel and they are worse ;)